X32/M32 OSC Manual

This is the OSC Manual to X32 and M32

This document regroups data contained in version 1.01 of the OSC protocol for the X32 family of products released by Behringer in Oct. 2012, and a large number of additional OSC messages for communicating with the X32, their syntax and use, along with practical examples and explanations as to how and in which context they should be used. This document should also apply to M32, a product from Midas, very similar to X32.

Behringer is not associated to the redaction of this document and no support will be provided by the

I have tried to make the information contained here as accurate as possible. A few areas are still prone to inaccuracies or uncertainties as to how to best use them. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback on the X32 user forum on errors or inaccuracies. They will be corrected in futures updates.