Hi Rex,

Sorry about that. All ‘external controls’ work and act the same way (i.e. using the same method in X32XliveAutomate, going through the same driver). I don’t have a shuttle pro and tested all elements with a keyboard, and all worked fine with it.

I can buy a shuttle pro to test with it, but am reluctant to do so as I don’t have a use for it otherwise and it’s too big to sit on the Standard X32. I can also build a debug version of the tool and hand it to you so you can see/report the actual sequences the application recognizes when the Shuttle pro is in action.

Looks like the Shuttle pro may have some specifics or functionality too that may have to be shut off (like smart release). If it turns out a sequence of characters have to be sent rather than a single character, I’ll implement that.

I’ll build anyways a debug version tonight and will make it available to you. One point to also be careful about is that the Windows’ mouse pointer MUST be within the GUI window for the control characters to be transmitted to the application.

best regards,