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The ‘AutoMate’ Series

The AutoMate series are world-class mixing automation applications specifically designed for the Behringer WING, X32, and Midas M32 consoles, using REAPER™, X32/M32 X-Live, or WING W-Live add-on cards.


WingWLiveAutoMate in action
WingWLiveAutoMate in action


[Report from a customer using X32ReaperAutoMate as part of his Pro-Studio]


Do you Need The REAPER or SD card based AutoMate applications?

A very good question to ask yourself is “Do I really need this software?”   If you own or operate either an X32 or M32 console and play DAW tracks back through it for any purpose, then the answer is a resounding “YES!” 

You’ve made a sizable investment in your console.  Up your game with the missing link between the console and Reaper or SD card sessions

Don’t waste the potential of your console by using it as a control surface and hand-write automation envelopes in REAPER!  Use the wonderful palate the console audio engines carries! As for SD card sessions, X32XLive and WingWLive -AutoMate complete your X/M32/WING desk with powerful Automation.

It’s called “AutoMate” because not only does it add world-class Automation and transport controls to REAPER to SD sessions, it also “Mates” the console to REAPER and SD card audio in a way never before possible, so you can concentrate on mixing, not mousing around on the computer.  The AutoMate programs are essential for modern workflow requirements!

In the old days of 2″ 24 track analog tape machines, we would put the tape machine in the “machine room” away from the control room, and isolated.  The only thing on the desk beside the console, was the remote control for the multitrack.  Like those professional production environments, the AutoMate series of programs put transport controls on the User Assign or DAW buttons so you do not have to touch your computer to do the following operations:

Transport Controls

  1. Play/Pause
  2. Stop
  3. Record
  4. Return to Zero (RtZ)
  5. Go to End (GtE)
  6. Scrub to REAPER Beat or X-Live/W-Live ±10ms
  7. Scrub to REAPER Measure or X-Live/W-Live ±1s
  8. Scrub to/from REAPER or X-Live/W-Live Marker
  9. Scrub to Item or X-Live/W-Live ±30s
  10. Add/Delete Marker
  11. Loop Begin/End/Delete (X-Live & W-Live exclusive feature)
  12. Repeat Mode On/Off (X-Live & W-Live exclusive feature)
  13. Loop between consecutive Markers (W-Live & REAPER exclusive feature)
  14. Monitor Mixdown Track (exclusive feature for X-Live)
  15. REAPER tracks Rec-arming, Solo, and Mute from WING or X32 control surface
  16. Foot pedal support for Automation Suspend and Edit (WING exclusive feature)
  17. Solo-In-Place (X32 exclusive feature)

Automation Controls

  1. Automation On/Off
  2. Automation Read/Write Mode
  3. Automation applies to all channels and parameters; you can choose which to exclude from Automation
  4. Save Initial Scene (how you want the console setup at T=00:00 (RtZ) (exclusive feature)
  5. Channel Automation Edit (1, 2 or a range of channels can be edited with new automation recorded simultaneously) (exclusive feature)
  6. Channel reset (1, 2 or a range of channels can be fully reset simultaneously) (exclusive feature)
  7. Suspend Automation (1, 2 or a range of channels can have their automation momentarily suspended) (exclusive feature)
  8. Mixdown Mode (prepares console for Mixdown)

Additional Features and Functions

  1. Automatic connection to X32, M32, or WING
  2. Unlimited Scene Save and Recall: Your X/M32 has 100 Scenes. There is no such limitation with X32 AutoMate applications!
  3. Autosave function: You set the interval between automatic saves in the .ini file.  A life saver in case of crashes or power loss.
  4. New Mix Option: To clear automation and optionally clear Initial Scene (good for special version mixes with the same audio settings)
  5. Load Scene Option on User Interface (good for loading your default mixing Scene (or any other Scene) from the console internal scenes)
  6. REAPER Track Mapping of Track Name, LED Display Color, and Icon (REAPER  exclusive feature)
  7. Configurable Screen Saver (exclusive feature): A real comfort when mixing in darker environments.  The lights on the console dim when nothing is touched.  Fully configurable
  8. Sends-On-Faders Timeout (X32 exclusive feature):  How many times have you been in SoF mode and forgot about it, thus putting channels on buses, or even worse because you were so focused you forgot?  Sends-on-Faders Timeout automatically turns SoF mode Off after the timeout period set in the .ini file.  This one feature alone has saved many sessions from disaster!
  9. Window color background choice for matching with your environment
  10. Transport and Time can be displayed with the X32 or M32 L/R scribble, sync’ed with REAPER or SD session. L/R color and blinking state reflect transport and automation states (exclusive feature), more options with WING
  11. Automation Delete on 1, 2 or a range of Channels, and/or a time slice
  12. 16 levels of editing undo
  13. Tested to work under WINE for Mac[i86 & Mx] and Linux users
  14. Off-Line automation event file clear-text editing
  15. Mix file data can be saved, recalled, or merged to an existing data set
  16. Support organizing, chaining and sequencing separate mix files as X32 or M32 cues (max 500) and allow each cue to synchronize up to 32 different type of audio sources, automation files, executable application on the tap of a button [not available on WING at present time]
  17. One-key keyboard shortcuts for all control functions, enabling control from a keyboard or an external device such as Shuttle-Pro or Stream Deck (for X32 versions)
  18. Copy/paste of Mix automation already made from one section of the mix to other sections
  19. Dedicated Mix Edit Control optional WING CC layer for Wing versions
  20. USB/INT wav file Play/Pause/Stop sync with Mix automation for Wing versions
  21. Mac and Linux native applications for Wing versions
  22. Optional Window on top feature


Before I go any further, let me point on one very important fact:

No matter if you are using REAPER or SD card for recording, you can record your console setup and mixing moves during a live show for automated mixdown of the tracks later!  Audio is recorded pre-fader;  you can take the automation file and apply it to your tracks later in the studio.  This has never been possible before.

OK, you’re running late and the band wants to get out of there and go to dinner.  You’ll be eating behind the desk tonight, but fortunately you’ll have one hand free because you don’t need to use the mouse!  Start the application, connect, and the transport controls are right at your fingertips.  Put the laptop behind you, out of the way – you won’t be looking at it for awhile 🙂

The band didn’t give you enough balance time of course.  They played a few minutes and split.  Now you have to make adjustments from your DAW tracks.  This is the part you dread because you have to go back and forth between the computer and the console.  But, now the transport controls are at your fingertips.  Need to mark and move between marks?  Got it!  Need to create a loop and turn on Repeat (and delete the loop and turn it off later)? Got it!  All those things you need to do with a mouse are on the transport in your X/M32 User ASSIGN or WING DAW transport section.  When you have everything setup, save the Scene in your X/M32/WING (optional), but be sure and save it in the application too.

Now for the cool part:

You record the entire show along with automation, with a press of the Record button.  After the show, you save Scenes to the X/M32 and your mixdown file using the application (saving Scenes in the console is entirely optional).  Later, the band wants a mix of the show.  You recall your saved file from a previous AutoMate session, and start mixing with full automation!  And, your starting point is right where you left off, with full EQ, Dynamics and FX and all mixing moves you made during the show!  The mix is fully adjustable and editable too.  It just doesn’t get any easier!

For all the reasons above, professional sound companies need to have the AutoMate series of applications on all their machines along with REAPER, X-Live or W-Live.  You could find yourself with a new revenue stream by recording and professionally mixing artists you supply sound for.  Given the fact that your engineers have mixed these shows dozens of times, the recorded automation is going to be very close to the final production mix.

When executing productions that playback either pre-recorded stereo mixes/tracks (and you can use the application(s) for those sub/mixes) mixed with live inputs, the timing of the show is tied to the playback of the tracks.  Typically, the engineer loads Scenes (or the scenes are loaded by MIDI commands) at appropriate times along the timeline of the show.  Simply automate those scene changes, and concentrate on the live inputs!  After you tweak the mix to perfection with “AutoMate”“, your productions will play back with precision that you could never get with a manual mix and without the hassle of external MIDI devices.

Your production will be repeatable and consistent, show after show.  Save and Load functions allow an unlimited number of variations on the same show.

Many HoWs record services and provide them to the congregation members after mixing.   The AutoMate applications proposed here are just what you need!  Your job just got easier!

The usefulness of the “AutoMate” series in the studio is obvious.  Whether cutting tracks, or mixing them down, the transport controls alone are worth the price of the product.  AutoMate applications make it possible to achieve mixing precision that rivals any of the large-format consoles costing thousands of dollars more than the X/M32/WING!

People like me who have lots of professional mixing experience would rather work with a console than a mouse and keyboard.  Plus, dealing with plug-ins, licenses, dongles, etc., can be rather bothersome.  Now, nothing at all is stopping you from applying whatever plug-ins you want in REAPER while mixing with your digital console.  But as anyone who is familiar with the X/M32/WING knows, you can get as good a mix as any bigtime studio.  But here’s something you might not have considered: The AutoMate applications not only save you money on studio mixing fees, they also assist you with important functions like creating Stems packages for your customers!  You simply Solo the tracks you want recorded and run the song with Automation On, and record to a stereo mixdown track. You now have a stem that is faithful to the entire released track.  Couldn’t be easier.

Have Laptop, Will Travel….

If you’re working at a venue or HoW with your own laptop, you can take the laptop back and mix your recorded REAPER tracks or SD sessions on your own studio X/M32/WING.  If you are working with a fixed-installation computer system, just upload the venue’s AutoMate files in the cloud so can mix in the studio later.  Even if you didn’t record automation at the venue, at mixdown time in the studio, you will be starting right where you left off with the console set exactly how you saved it at the venue.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination….

The last thing that I want to leave you with is this:

The “AutoMate” series of applications are premium software that will make you money.  and will pay for itself on your first mix! This is just the beginning – new features are being added continuously.

Don’t take my word for it – You can download an evaluation copy from the Downloads page or better, get a full-featured, licensed version from the Products Page

-MJ Klein

[**@x3****.com, User Advocate and World-Wide Evangelist for X32ReaperAutoMate]

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