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      I tried to install X32Automate as described but it doesn’t work. Tried different IP/Port settings with no success. Then I installed X32Reaper and it works immediately?! Perhaps I have a wrong idea about X32Automate to work?!

      This is how I tested the installation:
      – start X32Automate – immediately it shows me “connected / running” so there seems to be data transfer from/to X32
      – start Reaper with a simple project of 32 (empty) tracks (OSC installed and running)
      – opening mixeer window and moving faders both in Reaper and on the X32 console – assuming that the fader in Reaper will follow the movement on the X32 console and vice versa?!
      When using X32Reaper it works as described above but with X32Automate it does not?!

      Using the newest Reaper version on windows 11, X32 Producer console connected via ethernet. Unfortunately Reaper sets the internal IP to the IP from the WLAN connection ( instead of the local ethernet ( ?!
      Or does X32Automate not run on a X32 producer console?


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      Reply has been posted on the forum.

      As to the IP the applications propose; it is the first one found in the list of IP reported by your OS. Connections is automatically set/possible if the X32 replies to the proposed IP. Otherwise, you can 1) change the order of appearance of IP addresses (if that’s a possibility), or use the -i option, providing yourself the IP to connect to.

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