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      I´m seeking ways to write volume automation made in Reaper to X32.

      The situation is that we mixed our album inside Reaper.

      Since we use exactly the same sources for live, we could also use the same detailed volume automations in our live set. Is this possible?

      For example – the guitar was recorded with a processor. We recorded it, made volume automations for different sections of the song. Now we play it live and want to take the same volume automations to X32.
      We already use Reaper for the click tracks, timecodes for video and light and MIDI program changes for processors. But we could use the more detailed volume automations as well.


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      Hello vartsj,
      I know not of what I speak, cuz I’m new to all this tech, but it sure seems like X32ReaperAutoMate would work well for your purposes. Have u tried it yet?

      Also, it looks like you’re doing what I want to do. Do u use IEM’s? I’d love to know how your routing is set in the X32 & Reaper. Here’s my goal:

      Thanks for any help… and good luck with your automation.

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