About Us

First of all, a warm welcome to X32RAM!

I am Patrick-Gilles Maillot, computer scientist with a long experience in writing software and a vast interest in music (I am also a guitar player) and all electronics attached to this activity. I acquired an X32 in 2014 and became involved in understanding OSC (the communication protocol the X32 uses) to explore what could be achieved with the desk.

I am the author of the “Unofficial X32/M32 OSC Remote Protocol”, regrouping and describing all OSC messages that can be used with the X32 or M32 family. It is a great complement to the X32 User Manual and a reference for many X32 and M32 users who write applications or would like to better understand what the desk can do. Similar documents (OSC and WING API) are also available for WING, directly from the Behringer website documentation section of the WING product, or at this location.

I also wrote many applications, initially as a way to test what I was discovering in terms of OSC messages. I quickly found ideas to extend what the desk can do, and to provide automation for studio or live use. Most of these applications are available on a separate website and may become part of this new one, after being adapted or tuned for professional users.

X32ReaperAutoMate is the first program of a series of software tools only available here. It provides automation for creating audio mixes right at the desk as audio files are being streamed from REAPER™. Please browse through the main description page on the AutoMate series and the wiki section to discover what this great tool can do. MJ Klein, a Record Producer and International Recording Artist in Taiwan has played a key role in testing the tool as a real user, rather than me testing as a geek 😊. The resulting program will find its place in recording studios, providing an unprecedented level and comfort of automation on the X32, M32 or WING, and maximizing studio use time. This website would also probably not exist without MJ’s precious help and advice.

This website is here to promote tools of course, and also to provide a place for a community of users to discuss and find help for their projects using AutoMate programs, also for other tools that may become part of this site.

We respect your privacy and this is explained in the Privacy Policy on this website, there are also Terms and Conditions linked to sales as you purchase products from us. Using this website implies you have read them and agree with them.

Again, welcome and enjoy tools you will find here!

Patrick-Gilles Maillot