X32ReaperAutoMate Unlicensed Version

X32ReaperAutoMate is not a plug-in for Reaper. It works with Reaper and either a Behringer X32 or Midas M32 console.

Windows Only: (no native Mac version, but using Wine or one of its derivatives will get you going)

Installation Instructions:


  1. Click the DOWNLOAD button and save the file (or purchase the Licensed Version, download and save the file).
  2. Unzip this file to the directory of your choice.
  3. Read this section of the Wiki to setup Reaper with the OSC file: Setting Up X32ReaperAutoMate.
  4. Modify the .ini file per instructions in the Wiki for setting up X32ReaperAutoMate.
  5. Consult the Wiki for operational instructions.
  6. We recommend a clean reboot before using X32ReaperAutoMate