Hi Patrick

Many thanks for looking into this.
I have rebooted PC, X32 in zero state, reaper 1 test track.
No it works and I can use the jogs, icon transfer from Reaper as described in you instructions.

I have a general questions.
I have played the drums for 45 years. Many years ago, I had my own recording studio. 24 track tape recorder with the price of a house.

Today I have build a studio again. I hoped that X32 could be the centre, but I fail to find instructions how to do that. (configure X32 / reaper)

I have had trouble with Reaper rendering was not equal to monitor. (Due to (my) wrong setting/routing through X32)
So I am stuck with reaper as the master and the x32 as an expensive A/D IO, with down mix setting from Reaper faders to track 1+2 on x32 and to monitor. All effects from reaper. This makes no sense.

I noted that in your videos Reaper has no track faders.
Meaning X32 is the centre.

I would like to use the X32 as master with „rack“ effects, Reaper as recording machine. Like in the OLD days. Meaning the X32 effects are not in the recording on the DAW (only in monitor), but added when rendering.
(Of course with the Reaper effects that can be switched on/off)

Do you know Where can I find block diagrams + descriptions to get that right? (how to set Reaper / X32 routing making the the audio flow right)
Eventually instructions to do the first recording / mix down in the right way.

BR Jan