The X32 is more a “Live” console than a “Studio” one and I (and others) have tried to enable additional features or extend its capabilities through the use of external systems (applications or small HW add-ons).

X32ReaperAutoMate does what you’re after if I understand you correctly. REAPER and its audio tracks are “just” a tape recorder as seen by the X32 and X32ReaperAutoMate. when X32ReaperAutoMate runs, the audio is taken from REAPER through the X-USB or X-Live interface cards, and passed on to the X32 audio engine. All audio processing (to perform a Mix) is done in real-time on/with/in the X32. what X32ReaperAutoMate also provides is a full recording of X32 events, and this provides Mix automation on all parameters of the desk, with the capability to record automation, payback, save, restore, etc…

The setup is quite “simple” from a connection standpoint: Your PC is connected to the X32 using USB and provides audio from REAPER to the card inputs of the X32. Your X32 Routing must take the card inputs as input. Your PC is also connected to the X32 via Ethernet (wire or WIFI); This is for the control part, i.e. all the events the X32 will send as changes take place. Most of these events will be recorded by the program, while some of them will manage transport and synchronization of REAPER audio with X32 events.

What you get out of this setup is audio (a Mix) from the X32. Either you play/listen to it through monitors, or you record the result as a .wav file on USB stick.

Where this setup is not fully in line with your dream is that you cannot play and record audio from and to REAPER (your tape drive) simultaneously. This is a limitation of the X-USB or X-LIVE cards. As mentioned above, the recording of your Mix can be routed to the USB stick as a .wav file, which you can ‘manually’ re-import into REAPER and only then, use as new input.

As to getting REAPER audio to play in the X32, this is a Routing setup, so go in setup->routing and within the input tab, select the card as input, and ensure you have the bottom right tab set to “play”. If you’re using an X-Live, also ensure that the source is USB and not SD. This is similar to getting REAPER audio to play through your X32; No need to have X32ReaperAutoMate running for this.

Hope this helps,