MJ Klein

Today I have build a studio again. I hoped that X32 could be the centre, but I fail to find instructions how to do that. (configure X32 / reaper)


I have updated my studio and have installed a Dante audio network.  Some of what I wrote below no longer applies. But, please see the above linked article that explains how I use the X32 with Reaper in my studio.

I use my X32 as the centerpiece of my studio, and I do not use Reaper faders, pans, or plug-ins.

My card is set for 8/32 (misleading, but it means 32 channels OUT from Reaper, and 8 channels IN to Reaper).

The first 8 Mixbusses are configured as linked Subgroups, routed to Card outputs as 1 though 8. Anything placed on those Mixbusses will go to Reaper tracks that are assigned to those outputs (but called Inputs in Reaper). They act as stereo pairs 1+2, 3+4, 5+6, and 7+8, corresponding to how the Mixbusses are set up, they being links as pairs.

I arm tracks and select the input in the Reaper track I wish to use: 1 through 8. You must enable Monitor on the tracks to hear the audio. These must be mono inputs as each channel in the X32 is mono. If you need to record a stereo pair, you must use 2 tracks in Reaper. You can pan things within the mix to the Subgroup, like toms or guitars, and they will record properly as a stereo field on the 2 tracks in Reaper. Note: to facilitate mixdown, use an odd number track for Left, so you can Link them together (unless you move the audio item to other tracks later).

I’m using the smallest sample size I can get to achieve latency of around 5 to 6 ms (128). If your computer has a lot of processing power you may be able to use 64 as your sample size. If you hear any distortion or strange sounds, go up higher. At some point I’m going to a Dante network and then I can get 4ms latency.

I take my inputs and busses off the Stereo Bus, and I monitor the tracks being recorded, on the Stereo Bus. Panning in the Subgroups works and you can do some cool stuff like sub-mixes of tracks, with FX added if you like (you can put the FX returns into those Mixbusses to achieve that).

In order for this to work properly, you must enable “Preserve PCD delayed monitoring in recorded items.”

I can see at some point that I’m going to have to do some videos on how to use the X32 as a real recording console. Also, I am not opposed to providing my own standard Record and Mixdown scenes, which will set the X32 up properly for use.