wcc is a great application running on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Rpi based computers for managing WING CUSTOM CONTROL knobs and buttons. The program is launched in a command‐line or terminal window and will automatically find and connect through network to the WING console in the same local (/24) network as the computer.

wcc enables saving and restoring snippets. It also enables associating snippets to buttons as ON/OFF or temporary push buttons. All buttons and commands can be organized as menus, even menus calling menus, offering an infinite set of commands available from fthe CUSCOM CONTROL section. One specific capability of wcc is to be able to simultaneously communicate with up to 8 OSC devices or servers and send them OSC commands when tou press a WING CC button or turn a WING CC knob. This enables for example the distant control of another WING, an X32, recording studio gear management, video stream control such as handled by OBS, Zoom or Atem (using OSC-for-OBS, ZoomOSC or atemOSC), or for example light systems that accept OSC commands.

All snippets and OSC commands are fully configurable thanks to the use of text editable definition files.

wcc also offers a direct (in-line command with -a, -o, -z options) and file (with -F option) loading of buttons and associated ON and [optional] OFF snippets load capability. All buttons work on a toggle basis to enable stable loading of ON or [optional] OFF snippet for the respective button value. But they can self-modify and become ‘push’ rather than ‘toggle’ type. In that case, PPT or ‘fugitive’ actions (still with separate ON and OFF snippet capability) open a new set of functions WING does not offer natively. In addition, rather than loading a snippet, you can reference another file containing new button definitions to allow an infinite, menu or browse-like organization of button-base functionality on WING.

All actions and parameters can also be handled through MIDI.

Demos are available in the Video section of the website. Documentation is also available for the program. wcc is available for Windows, Linux, mac (Mx & Intel) and Pi  Systems; Please select your option below.

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