Upcoming new features to WingReaper and X32Reaper AutoMate

All registered users have been updated to ver. 2.015 of X32ReaperAutoMate and ver. 0.25 of WingReaperAutoMate a few weeks back (june 2021). This post to let everyone know there will be new features: control of MUTE, SOLO, and of course the already existing Rec-Arming of REAPER tracks simultaneous to Automate running in Read or Write mode. A 3rd implementation attempt has been successfully tested and will be part of upcoming updates to the programs (still need some work on the WING version, validating if this can be achieved as WING current FW doesn’t offer as many programming options as the X32).


WingReaper and X32Reaper AutoMate updated
X32ReaperAutoMate 2.016 is out with 3 new features!