WingWLiveAutoMate Ready for release


A few words to let you know WIngWLiveAutoMate is ready for release as soon as Behringer will publish their next update of FW for the console. Right now there are a few things related to SD card management that need to be changed.

Lots of features, full recording, playback and editing of Mix Automation right at the desk and directly using the console surface, audio rendering and SD card as source. SD card 1 is the main source, and the two cards can be used (linked) to provide up to 64 tracks to mix from.
New features as well such as loop between consecutive markers, On the fly audio loop and marker loop setting.
4 types of jogs for the SD card session tracks to mix from, Jog or Audio Scrubbing available.

You’ll LOVE what this can do in your Studio… like mixing track you recorded live, without ever leaving the console!

Check the video in the video section of this website (WingWLiveAutoMate-v.0.01 – for a quick demo.

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