wcc, wxfade, wmultitake updates and cut&paste capabilities for the AutoMate series

News for All x32, M32 and WING users!

wxfade is quite a successful application, helping many users with scene management, fading, crossfading between scenes, DCA automations and Menus with save and recall of snippets. A handful!
There will soon be a new release of wxfade (probably 6.5) when I get confident there won’t be impacts from the Behringer upcoming firmware with the internals of wapi.

There have been quite a number of changes in the FW for WING, all for the better 🙂 and that implied modifications to the internal binary structure of the firmware, especially references to certain parameters; For example, I know the wmultitake application will have to be modified to work with the new firmware. Same situation for several other applications and the wapi library which is upgrading too at v1.33. But this should not be a problem as all licensed users receive free updates to their favorite applications 🙂

In the meantime, there’s the new wcc application, specifically targeted at making the best use of the CUSTOM CONTROL buttons and knobs; it borrows some of the elements from wxfade, but not scenes, and provides the capability to control up to 8 simultaneous links with external devices or apps using OSC. As a result, controlling OBS, ZOOM, ATEM, another WING, and X or M series of consoles is readily available right from the CC of the WING (with some limits of course; don’t expect to run a full mix on a distant X32, there are better apps for that!).

Another great upcoming updates for the AutoMate series is the capability to run native on Linux and Mac platforms for the WING applications, and all 4 (X32 and WING) will receive a mix cut & paste addition, so your best mix part in a song can easily be replicated in another part of that song.

Plenty of good stuff coming your way;

Best to all and Happy Mixing!

Mac versions...
FW 1.13.6 & WEdit 1.0