Advanced Automation Writing

New Automation Features of Version 2.010

The exciting new features in v2.011 (X32 versions) and 0.23 (WING) allow you to sculpt your mix like never before! First, there is a level UNDO feature so you can go back and redo your automation moves. Then there is a new READ/WRITE state indicator on the RUNNING button. And, last but certainly not least, there is a new automation punchin and punchout feature!  Let’s go through these one by one and take a closer look:

Then the automation is in WRITE mode, you will see “Read/Write ON” on the AutoMate UI. This means you can look at the computer while mixing and know the state of the automation WRITE mode.

The UNDO feature is fantastic! Press the “Undo” button to go back to the previous state. You may press the button up to 16 times to go back to previous states. Please note that there is no “REDO” function. I suggest incremental saving along the way to preserve mix versions. So, if you just did a new move and you’re not sure if you like it, you can save it and compare it with the previous versions.

AutoMate now allows you to punch automation in and out with the same accuracy as you can with recording! Mixing in real time does present challenges sometimes. Your reaction time may not give you the desired results and you need to precisely punch in and out of automation WRITE mode. This is especially great if you need both hands on the mixing desk. Here’s how it works:


Simply create 2 new markers (or use existing markers) and edit them.  Add “AMIN” and “AMOUT”[1] or “RWIN” and “RWOUT”[2] for the 2 points that you want to define for the punchin duration. Simply double-click the marker, add the text and press the ENTER key. Now, when Reaper is playing back AutoMate will punch in and punch out precisely at those points in the mix!



[1]: X32 versions; [2] WING version


Let’s take a closer look:

As you can see here, I have placed the AMIN/RWIN point right at the leading edge of the audio waveform. This allows me to punch in very much more accurately than normal.

The same principal applies to punching out.

Let me give you an example why this is useful. When doing complicated mixes, fade-ins and fade-outs of the various tracks can be critical. Sometimes, I’ll do a move like a fade-out (pulling the faders down) and I’ll over-do it slightly at the end. But the beginning of the fade-out move is perfect. I just wish I could stop it at a very precise point. Now, I easily can!



Let’s take a look at the next screen shot:

Here we see that I have placed the AMOUT/RWOUT marker towards the end of the waveform. What I want to do basically is, cut off the fade-out move at exactly that point. The procedure to accomplish this is very simple:

  1. Create the AMIN/RWIN and AMOUT/RWOUT points.
  2. Turn AutoMate On.
  3. Use the Channel Selector to select the console channels you wish to modify (in this example it would be a pair of channels).
  4. Enable Channel Erase.
  5. Press Play and start Reaper playback. Be sure that you are far back enough in the song for the automation to catch up. In this scree shot the playback head (cursor) is back 1 second which may not be enough time for complicated mixes.

When the playback head reaches the AMIN/RWIN point, the automation WRITE mode will turn on and erase the 2 selected channels up until the AMOUT/RWOUT marker turns WRITE mode back off.


Please note the following: As long as the AMIN/RWIN and AMOUT/RWOUT labeled markers exist, AutoMate will punch in and out at those points every time you play the song. A way to listen to your mix would be to delete the 2 markers and then use Reapers Undo to put them back if you need to redo the automation. If you do decide to redo the automation punch, be sure to put the Channel Selectors back to OFF and press Undo on the AutoMate UI. Then start the procedure again. In practice, you will find that because you are dealing with a very precise placement of markers that control the punch, you probably will not need to redo it.

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