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      Laurent B


      I plan to use x32ram for automating a musical.
      For a single song, all works perfect: reaper outputs the backing track over the X-USB card and x32ram does the job with replaying the settings for all the singers channels.

      My problem is to automate the full show, where I’d like each song (backing track + automation) to be saved/loaded as scenes, so that a simple press of “next/go” is enough to start the new song.

      Any idea if I can do it using reaper, or the x32 USB player, or the X-Live ?


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      Hello Laurent,

      I haven’t targeted X32ReaperAutoMate to that as the goal was to create song mixes; but it’s a very legitimate need 🙂 And maybe an area I can help with.

      It probably can be added via/to the Windows GUI interface, taking into account a list of REAPER tracks for example and managing the X32 engine from there. Another possibility is to just provide the tool with some scripting capabilities, so you’d control successive runs of the tool from a ‘parent’ script.

      But before digging into some programing, I would prefer to really understand what and how you’d want to do things.

      Don’t hesitate to send me direct emails on the subject, we can exchange until something firms up and I’ll set it up for you if possible.


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      MJ Klein

      X32ReaperAutomate files save the automation and settings as scene/automation files you can save on the PC running the program. What I think Laurent is asking for is a way to load those files on demand in a show format. That’s a very good idea actually. (Thinking out loud) perhaps the program could read the files in a directory and cycle through them on command (a button press on the transport)?

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      Yes 😉

      We exchanges with Laurent and his need is slightly more complex, including either external tracks with pre-recorded automation, or audio coming from the USB stick with or without pre-recorded automation.

      It only software so all’s possible (within limits) but is it always “practical” for use?

      X32 provides a status/feedback when switching scenes (I need to double check but I believe this is the case) as well as when starting a USB stick or XLive track. In Laurent’s case, the trigger point is the starting of Audio tracks for his musical, which can (or not) have automation attached to them.

      He’s currently testing a solution based on USB audio I believe.

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