Updated versions of Xlive and Reaper Automate!


X32ReaperAutoMate and X32XLiveAutoMate are updated to new release (1.005 and 1.002, respectively), including the following changes:

AutoSave is enabled only when in Stop mode; this prevents noticeable delays (1 or 2 seconds) in the changes that have to take place when the Mix project is being saved.

Better handling of buffer cleanup; Removes unwanted/pending OSC messages that are no longer needed.

Better recognition of X32 and M32 and messages; M32 desks probably had issues being autodiscovered.

XLive card settings at startup; Option to automatically set the XLive card (if you have one) at startup in play mode, pointing at SD for XLiveAutoMate or USB for ReaperAutoMate.

(XLiveAutoMate only) Fixed error in the order of keyboard shortcuts.

Licensed users have all received an email with a link to download the latest versions of their program(s).


Happy New Year!
March 2020... Time for 2.0!