March 2020… Time for 2.0!

X32ReaperAutoMate and X32XLiveAutoMate version 2.0*

Released on March 15!


Release 2.0 bring lots of new functions, enhancements, and a few bug fixes:

  • Better handling of light controls depending on function blocks used
  • Changed icons and messages on Load and Save GUI actions for less ambiguity
  • “Instant Connect” at startup: No more clicking on the Search or Connect button
  • Fixed marker jog behavior when no markers are available (XLive version)
  • Fixed possible program Lock-up in very specific action sequences
  • Various bug fixes and program optimizations
  • Productions, Musicals, Theater plays support: Added the possibility to sequence cues from Cue Index Data [CID] files enabling up to 32 combinations of audio, Mix, and external program on the click of the “GO” button while the standard behavior in managing scenes and snippet is not changed (navigate through cues with “prev”/”next” buttons)
  • Cues autoload from CID file
  • Excel spreadsheet to manage/create CID files
  • Update of the Website and Wiki according to the above
  • xrr_edit application to edit .xrr files


Note: Make sure you use the configuration file respective of the application, coming with version 2.0

Wiki and Products pages updated


Updated versions of Xlive and Reaper Automate!
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