The first public release of X32ReaperAutomate!

The first public release of X32ReaperAutoMate!


Call me X32RAM for a shorter name if you like; Very excited to finally deliver this first release, after long hours of coding and debugging, more than 50 intermediate releases for alpha and beta testing, and a few Mixes already made using the tool.

It all started from a simple request from a user, MJ Klein who was looking for a tool kind of in between two tools already available. After a few email exchanges it appeared there was room for a nicer tool, really dedicated to REAPER and X32 (or M32) and exclusively based on fast OSC.

Basic features quickly came in and the event engine soon provided nice and smooth fader moves during automation playback, despite the fact REAPER does not provide a very accurate timer. All in all, this first release is packed with loads of great features; transport of course, 4 different jogs matching REAPER jog types, from very precise positioning to marker or section level for fast positioning within your audio. The possibility to add, automate, replay, and even erase and replace X32 or M32 OSC events on the fly provides an intuitive edit and play back set of capabilities right at the desk level, and much more.

X32ReaperAutoMate  proposes a simple user interface for windows (and mac using WINE) and the surface desk, so you can keep your audio in mind and hands on the mixing desk rather than looking for a lot of buttons and tricky features; The vast majority of functions are activated from the X32 or M32 so-called user assign buttons, and you can select the user bank of your choice.


Time to give it a try. Jump to the Products section and grab a copy. Take the time to read the documentation and test on a first mix. Do not hesitate to provide feedback on the forum which is there for support questions.


You will love what the X32 or M32 can do for you in your Studio. Please watch this space for the upcoming information on this cool mixing automation!

— Patrick-Gilles Maillot


PS: Please note that unlicensed versions will only receive bug fixes while new enhancements will take place for the licensed versions of the program. Licensed versions users receive free updates for the next two major releases.

X32ReaperAutoMate Update #1