WingReaperAutoMate available for download/purchase!

Great day!

WingReaperAutoMate is finally available for purchase/download (follow the Products menu tab)!

Behringer has not yet released a full console firmware including internal scene management. As a result, WingReaperAutoMate has the “scene loading” feature missing, but I managed to work around this by creating an internal scene for the program to run. It takes longer than I will expect with Behringer’s internal scenes implementation (approx <600ms versus 100ms) but is fully usable with regards to creating a Mix.

As a result and because this is the first release of the program, it is available at a special discounted price of €79.

This price entitles you to automated updates as soon as new features are added to WingReaperAutoMate.

Nov. 15, 2020: New Updates
WingReaperAutoMate v0.21