WingReaperAutoMate v0.21

WingReaperAutoMate updated to version 0.21!

Right after the availability of version 0.2, an issue was reported on one of the main features of the release. 0.21 brings a correction and even an enhancement to said feature!

Additions and enhancements to the initial release of WingReaperAutoMate:

* ver 0.21:
– Changed Fader touch information/replace capability code with new functions using a
forward looking approach for replacing existing events. This enables managing several
fader channels simultaneously.
– Removed /fx related lines from the channel headers inherited from X32. /fx does not
have dedicated bus on WING as it has on X32, therefore there is no such /fx/…/fdr
or /fx/…/mute OSC tags.
– Better handling of #Ch1 and #Ch2 data, preventing for example to have for example
the OSC tag /ch/1 be active for /ch/10 to /ch/19. This is applicable for /ch/1,
/ch/2, /ch/3, /ch/4, /bus/1, /dca/1
– Fixed possible crash when deleting (edit mode) from the start of a record (bug)
– Refactored code with proper variable headers

* ver 0.2:
– Fixed delay in loading (local) scenes; Apply XDelayLoadScene delay every 8 requests (bug)
– Better handling of MixSaving (forced and auto) modes (ease of use)
– Better handling of the “Save Scene” button, now also updating internal scene (bug)
– Dynamic allocation of buffer for ChannelResetNode (flexibility)
– Setup Solo system to SIP solo, exclusive solo, select follows solo, channel, bus, main,
and matrix solo: PFL (ease of use)
– Implemented SIP reset for correct init and new mix UI choices (ease of use)
– Showing Read/Write ON status in Windows UI run/connect button when active (ease of use)
– Added the capability to load scene data from Mix as a way to facilitate setting of
new sessions (ease of use)
– Added the capability to prevent multiple instances to run (optional)
– Added Fader touch information entry in .ini file: FaderTouchThreshold to enable auto
replace capability (i.e. without having to set CH#1 or #2 and Edit Mode) (functionality)

WingReaperAutoMate available for download/purchase!
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