Dec. 2, 2019:

As I was developing the software for X32ReaperAutoMate, I thought of doing the same thing this time without any dependency on REAPER, using X-Live session files. I knew a lot of the features offered with X32ReaperAutoMate were possible on an X-Live with the help of external programs, and I’m delighted to present X32XLiveAutoMate, with the same level of capabilities as its sibling program.

This means for example you will be able to play loops over and over with X-Live, and proper automation! You will be able to scrub by 10ms, 1s and 30s increments, as well as though markers; Here again, markers are managed in a circular loop so you can continuously jog back and forth in the list of existing markers which you also can add or delete at will. Some of these are exclusive features Behringer/Midas do not propose on their X-Live board.

X32XLiveAutoMate also brings the possibility to hook one of those external, most of the time USB connected jog/shuttle/buttons boxes [Shuttle pro or StreamDeck for example] if you have a Rack, Producer or Compact versions of the X/M32. You just program a set of X32XLiveAutoMate predefined single keystrokes to enjoy the transport and control functions ported to the external device*.

We even pushed the test to record automation using X32ReaperAutoMate, and exporting the audio and X32XLiveAutoMate Mix files, we have shown full compatibility playing these back using REAPER and X32ReaperAutoMate. You can therefore start from a set of files recorded at a live performance, do a quality mix using X-Live files, and work deeper in the files at the studio using REAPER, all with the same set of automation files.

-Patrick-Gilles Maillot

*Note the same is possible with X32ReaperAutoMate, if program your device with REAPER shortcuts instead.

X32ReaperAutoMate - Update #3
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