X32ReaperAutoMate – Update #3

Dec 1st, 2019: A new version of X32ReaperAutoMate is available or licensed users.

It brings the following enhancements:

  • Temporary Automation suspend on two selected channels.
    Using the channel selector in the main application window, the user can suspend automation on the fly for up to 2 selected channels by clicking on the S2-RtZ (previously Unassigned) button. If the user has also setup the program to reflect transport states to the L/R scribble, the L/R scribble will blink to remind the user of automation suspended channels.
    This function is exclusive of SIP and Channel Erase.
  • Main application window background color choice.
    A small change to make your application integrate better in your working environment. The color can be set in the .ini configuration file, under the XBGColors parameter. REAPER default color values are: 158, 165, 165.

Enjoy Mixing with X32ReaperAutoMate!

-Patrick-Gilles Maillot

X32ReaperAutoMate - Update #2