X32ReaperAutoMate – Update #2

Nov 13th: A second update for Licensed Users!

This #2 update (X32ReaperAutoMate is now at version 1.002) brings 3 significant features:

  • You are no longer required to provide your REAPER’s installation IP address if your setup is simple (which is the case for 90% of users). X32ReaperAutoMate will find/guess REAPER’s IP automatically by picking up the main IP address of the computer running the program, which is most likely the one also used for REAPER. If your configuration is more complex, you can always set the REAPER IP address in the configuration file.
  • A configuration file parameter has changed and opens more functionality. RestoreInitTime has changed to XCatchUpThreshold, and now represents a delay threshold beyond which a catchup will take place for backward jog/scrub (for all 4 available jog options) during Play, Record or Pause, or following Stop, RtZ and Loop commands. The default value is set to 2000ms. This only applies and takes place in the case of moving back in time in your Mix.
  • Support for X32 or M32 FW v. 4.0x. Although the 4.0x FW updates are fairly transparent to X32ReaperAutoMate functionality, scenes saved by the program comply with the new FW, scene version numbering and content.

Please watch a short demo video , see for yourself the convenience these new additions bring!

Enjoy Mixing with X32ReaperAutoMate!

-Patrick-Gilles Maillot

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