March 2020… Time for 2.0!

X32ReaperAutoMate and X32XLiveAutoMate version 2.0*

Released on March 15!


Release 2.0 bring lots of new functions, enhancements, and a few bug fixes:

  • Better handling of light controls depending on function blocks used
  • Changed icons and messages on Load and Save GUI actions for less ambiguity
  • “Instant Connect” at startup: No more clicking on the Search or Connect button
  • Fixed marker jog behavior when no markers are available (XLive version)
  • Fixed possible program Lock-up in very specific action sequences
  • Various bug fixes and program optimizations
  • Productions, Musicals, Theater plays support: Added the possibility to sequence cues from Cue Index Data [CID] files enabling up to 32 combinations of audio, Mix, and external program on the click of the “GO” button (navigate through cues with “prev”/”next” buttons)
  • Cues autoload from CID file
  • Excel spreadsheet to manage/create CID files
  • Update of the Website and Wiki according to the above
  • xrr_edit application to edit .xrr files


Note: Make sure you use the configuration file respective of the application, coming with version 2.0

Wiki and Products pages updated